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I love this Ryan/Gavin rivalry.






Burnie talks about the future of the company and implies Gavin might be in Burnie’s position and have to pick community members to work at RT at some point, making Gavin go silent when he realizes what Burnie means. From the newest Game Time.

He goes completely silent. This Game Time showed just how much Burnie believes in Gavin and did all along. /wipes away tears

Pretty much what you said but I just wanted to add that when I was cutting the audio for this, I noticed this was the only completely silent part of the audio


That says a lot, to be honest, and if you listen closely you can hear Gavin sort of gasp really sharply

I don’t think you guys fully understand. Gavin has said everything is STILL surreal about working at RT in GENERAL and now BURNIE FUCKING BURNS is admitting how much he believes in Gavin… when he was 14 he used to watch their videos in his room and fanboy over rvb and shit. so when he met burnie and gus and co. online he FLIPPED SHIT and when they continued to talk to him he just seriously couldn’t believe it. Gavin’s dream job was RT. when he was in his room eight or nine years ago he never imagined he’d be friends with burnie burns not to mention WORKING FOR RT! so to have burnie believe in him so much that he eludes to the idea of gavin one day having his job is just so fucking much for him. i’m just getting so emotional right now i can’t breathe I’M SO PROUD OF HIM I JUST CAN’T 

every time I see this I have to listen to it to remind my self that this actually happened and it’s not some fan made audio cut together because Gavin actually had this conversation with Burnie, tried to joke around with it, and then the full impact of what he was saying hit him and he went dead fucking silent and that’s amazing to me

AHWU #224


→If home is where my heart is, then my heart has lost all hope


Let’s Play - Last of Us Multiplayer Podcast Crew

Some people take this website to seriously. 


"Barbara Bubbleman"




unbelievably cute/stupid/suggestive freewood moments
the infamous, annoying coin debate (best stunt ever)


P.S. I have no idea where this train is headed, but I do know it doesn’t have any brakes, so God help us.

Happy belated birthday Achievement Hunter! If my download speed wasn’t slower than a turtle this would have been done at 5.

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Lee Pace slept next to camping out Comic Con goers. (x)

no but imagine you’re just napping and you roll over and lee pace is there looking like a dirtbag frat boy 

Main Ladies of Best Day Ever + rainbow


Oh Christ, It’s This Asshole Again


So many good things about this picture